Mission statement

Imagine a place where you can leave all stress outside, free your mind and open your sense of health and wellness to an entirely new level.  The LYF house is a place where you can experience your personal best at your own pace with a team of experts and all the accommodations to make the process enjoyable, realistic and everlasting. Our relaxing yet vigorous workouts will open your mind and body leaving you completely at ease and feeling fabulous.  We want you to learn what works for you so you can be your best self wherever you go and no matter what may cross your path in the future.  We believe in self love and that anything is possible when you believe in yourself.

the co-founders



Rachael is a Pilates Instructor, practicing since 2011. She completed her certification at the Pilates Sports Center, a comprehensive course in all apparatus and mat.  Rachael is trained in the classical repertoire of Joseph Pilates that includes a contemporary approach incorporating modern knowledge & principles.

"I offer my students a unique Pilates experience while maintaining the fundamentals of Pilates. Both new and well seasoned students will have something to gain from class while being challenged in a safe and creative environment."



Entrepreneur and LYF Studio owner Kylah has been in fitness for over ten years. With a BA in dance and her sports medicine degree from Marist, she prides herself on realistic lifetime goals specialized to individual needs and always puts safety and comfort first.

“I started at a young age and my part time business turned into my passion. It is truly rewarding to watch people transform, heal and live better healthier lives. Conquering goals and overcoming fears is a never ending process, I believe in a real life approach and loving yourself first.”